CHAIRMAN (Yumihiro Group of Companies)

Let me express my warm greeting and gratitude to each and every person interested in Yumihiro Japan Health & Beauty Products. It is our ultimate pleasure to offer you our wide variety of Healthy Supplements and Skincare Products.

Having started a venture in Tokyo Japan 8 years ago, that had a simple beginning and that which has grown stable on the path to a thriving success today. I am privileged to be the Chairman of one of the most competitive Manufacturers and Retailer in Tokyo Japan.

Today, Yumihiro Japan has made its mark into Food and Healthy Supplements Manufacturing, Cosmetics / Skincare Manufacturing, Retailing of our own Manufactured Products even helping other Companies in making their dream of having their own products and Brand come true, thru our OEM projects.

We at Yumihiro Japan, have an emphasis on creating the “Best Japan Premium Quality Products” that suits to everybody’s needs, reliability for customers and trust on sustainable development, by catering to the present and with an eye on the future.

Our journey will never be complete without your constant support and feedback that helps to put us on the right track and further gives us the spark to pursue our dream.

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